Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Lassie wi' the yellow coatie,
Will ye wad a muirlan' Jockie?
Lassie wi' the yellow coatie,
Will ye busk an' gang wi' me?
I hae meal and milk in plenty,
I hae kale an' cakes fu' dainty,
I hae a but an' ben fu' gentie,
But I want a wife like thee.

Tho my mailen be but sma'.
An' little gowd I hae to show,
I hae a heart without a flaw,
An' I will gie it a' to thee.

Wi ma lassie an' ma doggie,
O'er the lea an' through the boggie,
Nane on earth was e'er sae vogie,
Or sae blythe as we will be.

Haste ye, lassie, to ma bosom,
While the roses are in blossom;
Time is precious, dinna lose them,
Flooers will fade, an' sae will we.

Final Chorus
Lassie wi the yellow coatie,
Ah! tak' pity on your Jockie;
Lassie wi the yellow coatie,
I'm in haste, an' sae should ye.

This song has been going through my head all day.  I learned it from the group called Kornog. I wish I could post the music here. Its just wonderful and upbeat. This is Scottish ballad from Ford's Vagabond Songs and Ballads of Scotland. It was written by James Duff from Perthshire in the early 19th century.

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