Sunday, August 16, 2009

cantiga - "Des oge mais quer' eu trobar"

This is a song of praise enumerates the seven joys of Mary.
From today I wish to sing only to the Lady in whom God wished to become incarnated to enable us to inherit eternal life.

And I wish to begin recalling how she was greeted by Gabriel "Blessed Virgen, behold, you are now with child from God."

And I wish to recall how she went to Bethlehem and gave birth to Jesus and placed him in a manger amongst animals.

And I wish not to forget how the angels sang "Peace on earth" and how the three Kings came from foreign lands over seas to make their offering.

I also wish to relate what Magdalen told her about the angel at the door of the tomb, who had said that Christ had resurrected.

And I also wish to reveal the gladness she felt when she beheld her Son ascend to heaven within a cloud.

I cannot fail to recount how both she and the apostles received the grace of God to enable them to preach.

And, for God's sake, I must not remain silent about how she was crowned when her son chose to take her to heaven.

Date: 13th century
Composer: Alfonso X (el Sabio)
Period: Medieval

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