Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lassie wi' the lint white locks

LASSIE WI THE LINT WHITE LOCKS is sung here by Ian Bruce with photos of Scottish Blackface Sheep taken by Beth Maxwell Boyle.

Lassie wi' the lintwhite locks,
Bonie lassie, artless lassie,
Wilt thou wi' me tent the flocks -
Wilt thou be my dearie, O?

Now Nature cleeds the flowery lea,
And a' is young and sweet like thee,
O, wilt thou share its joys wi' me,
And say thou'lt be my dearie, O?
Lassie etc.
The primrose bank, the wimpling burn,
The cuckoo on the milkwhite thorn,
The wanton lambs at rosy morn
Shall thy heart, my dearie, O.
Lassie etc.
And when the welcome simmer shower
Has chear'd ilk drooping little flower,
We'll to the breathing woodbine bower
At sultry noon, my dearie, O.
Lassie etc.

When Cynthia lights, wi' silver ray
The weary shearer's hameward way,
Through yellow waving fields we'll stray,
And talk o' love, my dearie, O.
Lassie etc.

And should the howling wintry blast
Disturbs my lassie's midnight rest,
I'll fauld thee to my faithfu' breast,
I'll comfort thee, my dearie, O. Lassie etc.

LASSIE WI THE LINTWHITE LOCKS – This is one of Burns's most striking pastoral love songs, for which he did battle with his editor, George Thomson, over the air to which it is set - a modified version of 'Rothemurche's Rant' - and the subject matter of a beauty possessing 'lint-white locks'.

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