Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Candlemass Eve

Candlemas Eve Lyrics

Down with the rosemary and bay,
Down with the mistletoe,
Instead of holly, now up-raise
The greener box, to show
The greener box to show.


Thus times do shift,
thus times do shift,
Each thing it's time doth hold.
New things succeed, new things succeed.
As former things grow old.

The holly hitherto did sway.
Let box now domineer,
Until the dancing Easter day,
On Easter's eve appear.
On Easter's eve appear.


Then youthful box which now hath grace.
Your houses to renew,
Crown old, surrender must it's place.
Unto the freshened yew,
Unto the freshened yew.


When yew is out, then birch comes in,
And many the flowers beside,
Both of a fresh and fragrant kin,
To honour Whitsuntide,
To honour Whitsuntide.


This poem was adapted into a carol, Candlemas Eve Carol, set to a Basque melody by Edgar Pittman (1865-1943). Likewise, Candlemas day had its own traditions. In "Upon Candlemas Day,"

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