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Fionnuala Gill - Deus Meus (Adiuva Me)

This is a song in Irish Gaelic and Latin. It is around 800 years old and is a macaronic song, like 'Siúil a Rún' and 'The Shan Van Vought'. It's very rare to hear Gaelic with Latin though.

Fionnuala Gill - Deus Meus (Adiuva Me)

Deus meus, adiuva me
My God, help me
Tuc dam do sheirc, a meic mo Dé
Tabhair dom do shearc, a mhic mo Dé
Give to me your love, O son of my God

In meum cor, ut sanum sit
Into my heart/soul, that it be healthy
Tuc, a Rí rán, do grád co gribb
Tabhair, a Rí rán, do ghrá go grip
Give, O noble king, your love swiftly
(note: grip is an archaic word only used in poetry)

Domine, da quod peto a te
Lord, give what I beg of you
Tuc, tuc co dían, a grían glan glé
Tabhair, tabhair go dian, a ghrian ghlan ghlé
Give, give swiftly, O clear bright sun
(note: an older meaning of dian is swift; check out déine which is the noun-form of dian and retains both meanings of intensity and swiftness)

Hanc spero rem et quaero quam
This thing I hope and which I seek
Do sherc dam sunn, do sherc dam tall
Do shearc dom sonn, do shearc dom thall
Your love to me in this world, your love to me in the next world
(note: sunn is an archaic word which means here (in this place) but in this sense contrasts with "tall" to mean "in this world" as opposed to the next)

Tuum amorem, sicut vis
Your love, just as you wish
Tuc dam co trén (at-bér do-rís)
Tabhair dom go tréan, a déarfad arís
give me powerfully*, I will say again
(note: "go tréan" also means "substantively", which seems a better fit; déarfad is a form of the verb abair, which you can see in at-bér)

Quaero, postulo, peto a te
I search, I desire, I beg of you
Mo beith i nim, a meic dil Dé
Mo bheatha i neamh, a mhic dhil Dé
My life in heaven, dear son of God

Domine mi, exaudi me
My God, hear me
M' ainim rop lán dot grád, a Dé
M'anam bheith lán ded ghrá, a Dhé
My soul may (it) be full of love, O God
(note: "rop" seems to be a verb form cognate with modern "raibh" which is the subjunctive of "to be")

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