Monday, April 30, 2012

Lisa Gerrard - Sacrifice

Lisa Gerrard - Sacrifice with amazing shots of Stonehenge


Rebecca McNulty said...

Wonderful footage of Stonehenge--and the digital reconstruction showing the sun at solstice is great, too! Thank you for sharing this!

Rebecca McNulty said...

Okay--now I have to post another comment because when I posted the first comment about the Stonehenge video, the random word generator produced these two words: criag odandea. I recognized criag--it's an old Scottish word for "rock, related to crag and Craig. I looked up the second word and discovered that it's a Spanish girl's name that means "famous land." Rock famous land...yes, that about sums up Stonehenge. :)
I know you're now wondering what words are showing up this time: rtrua eaninu

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