Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Profusion of Blossoms on our Russet Apple Tree

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More about Russet Apples:

Ashmead's Kernal

(early 1700's Gloucester, England, UK) Medium size greenish yelllow fruit with brown flush, usually covered with arusset. Crisp, yellowish juicy flesh. Unique nut-like flavor. Ripens in October.

Egremont Russet

(pre 1880 England, UK) Small to medium size fruit. Golden brown russet often with black spots or markings. Very high quality. Ripens in October.

Golden Russet

(1845 New York, USA) Medium size fruit. Gray-green to golden bronze with a coppery orange cheek, heavily splotched with light brown russet. Crisp, highly flavored, fine textured, very sugary yellow flesh. Use for cider, dried apples, fresh eating and cooking. Called the champagne of old time cider apples. Ripens in September and October.

Hudsons's Golden Gem

(1931 Tangent, Oregon, USA) Large, elongated, high quality fruit. Smooth, dull yellow russet skin with a very long stem. Excellent dessert apple with a pear-like flavor. Ripens in early October.

Roxbury Russet

(early 1600's Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA) Large greenish, sometimes bronze tinged skin almost completely covered with yellowish brown russet. Firm, slightly coarse, yellowish white flesh. Remarkable for its amount of sugar. Excellent for eating fresh, cooking and cider. Ripens in October.

St. Edmunds Pippin

(1870 Bury St. Edmunds, England, UK) Medium to large size fruit. Considered the most beautiful of all the russet apples. Uniformaly flat-round shape, entirely covered with a flawless, smooth, pure fawn russet. Very juicy, crisp, yellowish flesh. Rich pear-like flavor. Makes excellent cider. Listed among the six best apples of England. Ripens in early September.

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