Friday, June 20, 2008

Ewes lambs are gone now...

My three ewe lambs went to their new farm yesterday. The cycle is now complete. I Have only the black, crossbred, ram lamb left and he will go in the freezer in the spring if he doesn't sell for breeding. I ended up trading a Blackface/Jacob cross ewe lamb for a Blackface, Shetland and Jacob mix ewe lamb. She is pretty cute. She has a Shetland sheep face with those cute ears and woolly forelock. Shetland ewes are polled (hornless) but this ewe has horns she picked up from the Jacob and Blackface blood in her. She seems to have nice crimp in her wool. I'll post a photo soon. It's just fun to fiddle around with crosses sometimes. This little lamb gives me a little new blood so I can breed this new ewe to my Blackface ram, Murdo. I expect I will wait until next year to breed her though. I am very pleased to have found someone interested in starting a new flock of Scottish Blackface Sheep. We had a good visit yesterday and Dan the man who bought my ewes also brought me some new laying hens as a gift. He brought three nice hens to add to my two girls. I will get another six in late summer that are being raised from chicks in Ohio for me by another friend. I had chickens for 20 years and then raccoons wiped me out. I waited a few years and am trying once again. I hope we can keep the darn coons at bay.

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