Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Weigelas are in bloom!

This is an amazing year for flowering trees and shrubs in my area. Now my Weigelas are in bloom and I have never seen them more beautiful. One of the best things about Weigela, is that ithey are easy to grow. They are adaptable to many soil types This shrub is  hardy to USDA zone 4 and has no serious pest problems. It's easy to propagate, easy to grow. The only requirement of this plant is that it requires full sun to produce copious flowers. There are roughly ten species of Weigela, all of which are shrubs native to temperate East Asia, specifically Japan, Korea, and Northern China.  The most common, and most ornamental species is Weigela florida, a rounded to arching shrub that typically grows to 6 to 8 feet tall. The Weigela florida species and its hybrids account for nearly all of the numerous Weigela cultivars.. Weigela florida is the most common in the family and is prized primarily for the funnel-shaped flowers that cover the bush from May to June. Many of the newer cultivars have that have been developed in the last 25 years have the ability to rebloom during the summer which is an added delight.  Depending upon the cultivar, the flower color may be pink, red, white, peach, lavender, and nearly every shade and hue in between. Several other species exhibit yellow flowers. Hummingbirds love Weigela flowers, especially those with red or pink flowers. Besides the blooms many of the new cultivars have attractive colorful foliage like this one of mine in the photos. These varieties provide season-long interest with their foliage after the blooms have faded. Selections have been made for leaf colors such as bright yellow, copper, burgundy, near black, and variegated forms. My red one is just coming out. I also need to cut back some of the trees around that one so it gets more sun.

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