Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here is a recipe for a strong scrumpy!


  12 pounds apples 
  1/2 pound raisins 
  1/2 pound raw meat 
  1 gallon water at 70 degrees 
  champagne yeast (tradition calls for bakers yeast) 

Chop and grind the apples and raisins. These days a food processor will do the trick
Use a brewing barrel with an airlock - sort of thing Boots sell
Put the ground apples and raisins into the water with the chopped meat.
Stir thoroughly
Add the yeast and seal the brewing barrel with the airlock
Everyday swirl the barrel to stir the ingredients
after the first fermentation slows, about 8-10 days, move to a similar vessal for seconary fermentation.
If you like a dry cider, add a second dose of yeast to the secondary fermentation. Seal with an airlock.
Let it sit until it the fermentation slows to a very slow, almost imperceptible bubble. 
Move to a carboy to let the heavier particles settle out. 
Let it sit for about a week and bottle.
The scrumpy will need to mature for about four months before you will want to even try it since it will give off a strong unpleasant smell and almost vinegary taste. 
The longer it is allowed to mature, the better,smoother and drier it will get.
Here is a recipe for a strong scrumpy. One glass and the world seems a better place, two glasses and you probably do not remember.

You should let the scrumpy mature for a year to become smoother and mellower

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