Friday, August 22, 2008

twa wally dugs

Oor Granny had twa wally dugs upon her lobby table. 
She dusted them maist every day as lang as she wis able. 
Bit then ,when Granny passed awa' ,oor Maw wis systematic. 
And pit them in a cardboard box and shoved them up the attic. 
They lay wi' Granny's bits an' bobs an' things that she did treasure. 
A' wrapped in paper an' sich like ,jist as a safety measure. 

The dugs lay there near sixty year, syne Mither passed awa'. 
As son and heir they fell tae' me, I thocht that they were braw. 
I brocht them doon an' set them up upon a fancy dresser. 
I showed them tae' my ain guid wife, wha' ca'd in the assessor. 
We're keepin' Granny's wally dugs, this attitude is healthy. 
Bit when we sel't her bits an' bobs they made us raither wealthy.

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