Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ellen P. Allerton, Indian Summer Poem

Indian Summer

Again the leaves come fluttering down,
Slowly, silently, one by one__
Scarlet, and crimson, and gold, and brown,__
Willing to fall, for their work is done.

And once again comes the dreamy haze,
Draping the hills with its filmy blue,
And veiling the sun, whose tender rays
With mellowed light come shimmering

Softly it rests on the sleeping lake
This filmy veil__and the distant shore,
Fringed with tangles of bush and brake,
Shows a dim blue line and nothing more.

The winds are asleep, save now and then
Some wandering breeze comes stealing by,
Softly rises, then sinks again,
And dies away like an infant's sigh.

You feel the spell of these dreamy days
I know__for your heart is in tune with
You love the stillness, the tender haze;
I know for your thoughts with my own

But this dreamy calm, this solemn hush,
The sleeping winds, and the mellow glow,
Only foretell the tempest's rush,
The icy blast, and the whirling snow.

We__you and I must bow to the frost,
When our locks are white with its hoary
Our last rose scattered, its petals lost;
May our Indian Summer be calm__like this.

-Ellen P. Allerton.

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