Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NY 30th Festival of Traditional Music

Join the Folk Music Society of New York, Inc. for the 30th Festival of
Traditional Music, Eisteddfod, in Jackson Heights, New York City on
November 14-16, 2008. The festival features local, national and
international performers who are steeped in living ethnic traditions.
It has programs ideal for the whole family, and provides a very rare
chance in New York to hear such diverse, and such high quality,
performers all in a single venue. Listen, tap your feet, or sing
along to ballads, fiddle tunes, southern mountain and country songs,
humorous & serious songs, and much more.

The festival has concerts, 20+ workshops, participatory sessions, a
marketplace, and a free family concert, all with a spirit of warmth
and openness. It is being held in Jackson Heights, at the Renaissance
Charter School, 35-59 81st Street. It begins with a concert Friday
night at 7:30, runs all day Saturday, Sunday morning, and ends with a
concert Sunday afternoon, finishing at 5:30. A special free family
concert will be on Saturday, 12:30 -1:30 PM. Information can be found
at www.eisteddfod-ny.org or by calling
718-429-3437 or 718-672-6399. Tickets are available online at

This year among the featured performers are:
Old Time Southern Mountain: Norris Bennett, Pat Conte, Phil
Zimmerman & more
Irish: Len Graham, Donal Maguire, Dan Milner, and Barry Oneill
New York State: Colleen Cleveland, Dave Ruch, and George Ward
English: John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Dave Webber & Annie Fentiman,
David Jones, & more
International: Atl-Tlachinolli (Aztec), DisCanto (Italian), Bill &
Livia Vanaver (Balkan), Toby Weinberg (Norwegian)

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