Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Trauma

Pardoning a Bird Hatched to Die Young.

This kind of turkey is conceived through artificial insemination and bred to produce excessive amounts of white breast meat. These birds die young if you leave them live out their lives they are freaks of nature created by man for the table. They simply get so heavy they break down. If you want to see a nice healthy turkey get a Bronze or Bourbon Red turkey that is smaller and healthier and now a rare breed. Let's get rid of these sad over-sized white birds who have such a sorry existence? After all we have a white turkey in the White House and he is dumber than a white domestic turkey and he has bad taste!

Bourbon Red Turkey

These old breeds of Turkey are in danger of disapearing from the countryside forever. Let's get Obama to pardon a nice Bronze Turkey next year?! They are wonderful eating too. I had a neighbor raise me one.

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