Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scotster, a social site!

I found the best social site for me ever, yesterday. It's called Scotster. I put a link in from the bottom of this blog. What a cool way to share photos and information related to Scots and those who love Scotland!

Scotster - New Website for Social Networking Back
17 February 2009

Scotster is a new website which promotes Scotland and everything Scottish, bringing people together in a worldwide network for Scotland that costs nothing to join and which has members from all over the world.

People join Scotster to share photos, exchange ideas, meet people, give opinions, research travel options, get advice, organise events, find things to do, expand their social circle, chat to friends,build more business, discover new places.
Tell us more about you: add your events to the calendar, upload photos of Scotland and your own local area, chat with people in private or in the forums.

Scotsters say it is fun, useful, educational, photographic, highly addictive and a great alternative to anything else dedicated to Scotland!

See you on Scotster – it is at and costs nothing to join and is really easy to use.

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