Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prop 8 Upheld in California

I am glad Prop 8 was upheld in California. I am not for Gay "marriage". If Gay activists want some form of civil union like they have in the UK I am OK with that. I have many Gay friends but I do not think we should change the very institution our society is built upon on such a pretense as the need for equal protection for Gay couples to receive social benefits or the right to visit ones companion in the hospital. These are separate issues unrelated to marriage. Marriage is the union of a man and women and a bunch of New Age, self righteous, misguided, would-be social reformers with rainbow flags screaming about their civil rights can't change what is fact. Around the world for thousands and thousands of years marriage has always been about protecting the children and providing a safe atmosphere to rear children and protect women when they are preoccupied by small children and pregnant. A man and a women join to become a unit and that is what marriage is. All this hoopla about the right to marry who you please is just a crock of selfish garbage. Gay people deserve the benefits of the state and society concerning inheritance and visiting rights in the hospital but they do not need the protection of marriage. We have become so spoiled and arrogant in the West we have thrown away our neighborhoods and our extended families and our sense of social sacrifice. Do we now want to hold marriage under water until it too is dead? I think marriage is the union of a man and women and I do not think anything can or should change that. I am not making any moral judgment on Homosexual behavior, however marriage is not something that is for everyone nor has it ever been for everyone. If you don't like what marriage is don't wed. Be happy you made the right choice for you don't try to force the whole world to redefine what marriage is to suit your own little need for security and acceptance. Marriage is not a shield or a trophy, its a commitment for life. It should never be entered into lightly.


Anonymous said...

Marriage is a legal term in California used thousands of times in our law books. Civil unions are not equivalent, there are MANY differences (including hospital visitation rights). Unless we change the word marriage in our law books (and waste billions of dollars doing so), we have to allow everyone who wants to get 'married' do so. Its only fair and equal rights.

If marriage was just a religious word, you might have a point. But its also a legal word,and therefore has to be treated as such.

Equality for all, even if you don't like it.

Gimmer said...

The courts have upheld Prop 8. You can have your opinion but it is not how I see it. The UK has a very smooth working system and most couples Gay or not now pick a civil union not marriage. That is how it should be here. With more children being born out of wedlock than inside marriages it is hardly the time to push for Gay marriage it has no purpose in our society except to appease those who feel slighted over the language of the law. That is no reason to change the whole fabric of society.

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