Monday, May 4, 2009

This is very very disturbing!

I think President Obama really needs to undo what Bush did in the military and stop all the pseudo-christian horror. This is so evil and so against American principals. I say this as a dedicated Christian. This infusing of religion into the military mindset is bad for America and bad for Christianity and is actually against the very teachings of Christ. It will be very tricky though to reverse. It's something to pray about for sure! I don't think there is anything Christian about killing innocents or putting pressure on indigenous peoples to convert to Christianity, especially under a wartime situation. We have killed whole wedding parties and villages in the name of bringing stability to Afghanistan and it is not stable after all these years we have occupied Afghanistan. These people have suffered so much under the Taliban and under the Soviet Union and now under our control. We are not making it any better for them. If you want to bring someone into the fold you do it with love and peace not with spilled blood. Let's not forget America gave the Taliban its power.

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