Friday, October 23, 2009

Knitting strung along Skye bridge

Volunteers attach a length of knitting to the Skye bridge

Knitting and needle work has been strung along the length of the Skye bridge as part of the year-long Homecoming Scotland celebrations.

Stitches on the Bridge will run until Monday, when the items will be removed.

Local groups leading the project asked for help making and then attaching the materials.

Items were sent from all over the world to be hung from the bridge, which takes traffic from the mainland to the island.

Volunteers have included staff at NHS Highland, who learned to knit in their lunchtimes to provide knitted squares for the project - and as a way of staying healthy.

There is growing evidence that knitting has health benefits, such as helping to lower stress levels and reducing the risk of memory loss.


mangocheeks said...

I live in the West of Scotland and saw this on the news yesterday. It made me smile to see the bemused reactions of the locals living in Skye.

Gimmer said...

You are so lucky. I was only on Skye for a very short time back in 2007. What a wonderful part of the world!

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