Sunday, February 28, 2010

In defense of Faith and Justice

I have not forgotten George Bush nor have most other people forgotten the evil misuse of faith. Using religion as a weapon of war is not new. Bush used the oldest trick in the book. What we can't do is say all relgion is evil because someone used faith to do evil. You can twist anything into a tool to do evil if it holds any power. Shall we say no Black people can have organizations of any kind now because the Black Panthers existed? It's very un-American to persecute good people and group them all together. Religion is nothing more than people's value systems or way of seeing the world. The communists killed millions and millions of people in Russia and so did the Chinese and they both wanted to get rid of religion and replace it with complete loyalty to the state. If you want to advance free thinking and be true to the constitution you can't try to make someone's value system and beliefs a scapegoat. The persecution of people of faith will backfire in the most horrific way imaginable because when you attack people's core beliefs and their traditional way of life you attack their very existence. You can't separate a person from the things they hold most dear without an incredible backlash. Most cultures look at the decadent, materialist culture that is America today and they see clearly where forsaking faith leads. Most of the West has replaced faith with narcissism and materialism. We have more people accessing hard porn and violent videos on YouTube now than attend religious services or volunteer on a weekly basis to help others. The violent reactions you see in the developing world are a reaction to our sick culture and you can't blame them for that. We tell them of human rights violations while we sexualize children in our own culture and consume more illegal drugs than any other nation in the world. America spawns the violence in Mexico with its endless lust for drugs. Is it any wonder people of faith from other cultures look in horror on American influence on their societies? I love my country but we need to clean house and change if we want to be respected or have any positive influence in the world.

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