Monday, March 29, 2010

An easy hardy meal of chicken and rice using Pataks Garlic Relish.

Beth's Indian Inspired Chicken and Broccoli

It's the Pataks Garlic Relish with its garlic, onions, vegetable oil, sugar, sultanas, dates, salt, chilli peppers, mustard, fenugreek, coriander leaves and mixed spices that makes this smell like heaven. I have added shrip and made it a shrimp and chicken dish at times and have also used boneless pork in the same way. The version here is just with chicken breasts. I generally use only the flowerlets or heads of fresh or frozen broccoli. You can put in as little or much as you like.

I use 2 to 3 cups of rice and about 1/2 to 2/3 of a Jar of Pataks Garlic Pickle or relish. I prefer the medium Pataks. They have hotter but its not my favorite. I use 3 to 4 boned chicken breasts cut up and simmered in a little water, olive oil and balsamic vinegar with one large onion chopped medium fine. I stir in the rice at and steamed broccoli at the end and add a little more Pataks if the rice does not have enough flavor. I have never had exact measurements on this as I made this dish up. My daughter adds carrots and sometimes bakes the chicken. If you make any basic chicken and rice dish you can make it taste wonderfully exotic and delicious by adding Pataks Garlic Relish. The smell that fills your kitchen is unreal. This is just as good with some lean pork or with shrimp added in with the chicken.

I always stir in the garlic relish from the jar after the chicken is mostly cooked and then stir in the rice and broccoli which I steam separately. I do it this way rather than stir fry it all because I want to avoid over cooked broccoli or mushy rice. If I feel there is not enough sauce I add more from the jar at this time. I cook the chicken breasts on the stove top in a skillet in a little water and olive oil. Sometimes I put a little balsamic vinegar in there too. When the breasts are cooked I cut them into small pieces with my chopper but you can use a knife or even cut the meat before cooking. I also chop onions and add a few early in the process but like to add more latter so they are a little more crisp.

Beth's Indian Chicken and broccoli is best on Basmati rice

This is a very simple meal but my family really loves it. You can make it with black beans too but I forgot to get more black beans this time. The part that makes this so easy is the seasonings are actually all there in the Pataks garlic relish or pickle as the Brits call it. You will love this because it tastes like you have been cooking all day and it really is a complete meal in one dish.

I usually get Pataks at Wegmans but many stores carry this brand although I think it is imported from England. You also can order it on line. It's great for adding just a little spice to many dishes. You need not add allot to get a wonderful burst of Indian spices.

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