Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is cool group my friend Mike introduced me to.

Tejedor is composed of three siblings from Avilés , a town in the northernmost Spanish region of Asturias. The group members, although still in their twenties, have devoted their lives to Asturian traditional music and now are writing their own, personal sounding compositions. They are José Manuel (Asturian bagpipes, low whistle and flutes), his brother Javier (button accordion, bagpipe, percussion and flutes) and their sister Eva Tejedor (traditional percussion and vocals).

Both brothers won MacCallan bagpipe awards at the Inter Celtic Festival in Lorient. José Manuel, who won this award three times, played pipes with Spanish rock band Revólver in their unplugged 1998 tour. The brothers have also won all Asturian prices as a bagpipe and drum partnership. Eva, for her part, is an exceptional singer and percussionist. José Manuel is the most elegant and virtuosistic piper in the Spanish folk scene.

This is a rich mix of Asturian traditional music and new ideas. The music produced by Tejedor demonstrates the strong ties between Asturian and celtic traditions, but Spain is never sublimated in the mix for the pure sake of making the sound more approachably "Celtic." Strong playing by all three musicians support some wonderful original and traditional songs.

Tejedor have performed all over the world in festivals as Celtic Connections (Scotland), Piping Live (Scotland), William Kennedy Piping Festival (Ireland), Festival Interceltique de Lorient (France) or Montreal Celtic Festival (Canada). Musicians like Michael McGoldrick, Duncan Chisholm, Phil Cunningham, James Mackintosh, Faltriqueira, or Kepa Junkera have guested on their three CDs to date.

1999 - Texedores de Suaños
2003 - Llunáticos
2006 - Música na Maleta

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