Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ebony Jewelwing

Calopteryx maculata
Ebony Jewelwing

Like its several relatives in the Broad-winged Damselfly family, Ebony Jewelwings like to live alongside clear flowing water. In the case of Ebony Jewelwing, the preference is for small to large creeks or small rivers, especially those flowing through forests. Unlike some of its relatives, however, the Ebony Jewelwing may leave the creekside behind and flutter off into nearby meadows.Ebony Jewelwings can be seen flying from May to August. They eat large numbers of gnats, aphids, flies, and other insects.

Predators of jewelwings include birds, bats, and dragonflies. The young naiads may be eaten by fish, turtles, and other insects, such as Large Diving Beetles. My husband took this photo in Ohio near the Great Serpent Mound.

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