Monday, July 12, 2010

Yellow Moon Flowers Oenothera acaulis aurea

Common Names in English:

Dandelion-Leaved Sundrop, Evening Primrose, Oenothera acaulis aurea

My friend Colleen gave me some of these and my first one bloomed tonight. I am so excited!

Charming yellow flowers are striking against the rich green lanceolate leaves. Flowers appear in early summer and are fragrant. Four winged seed pods are produced after the flowers and are quite attractive

These flowers bloom in the evening between 8:30 and 9:30 pm from May through August I am told. Blossoms will come out after dark and be spent by noon the following day. Each plant will produce several blossoms each week throughout the four months. Another favorite name for them is yellow moonflower for obvious reasons. Mine were transplanted to my garden from some flower boxes that my friend Colleen planted them in. They had bloomed so we were not sure how they would take the shock of being transplanted into my rock garden but one bloomed in a exactly a week after being transplanted.



Anonymous said...

I got a start of this from a cousin in NY state and it bloomed nicely early last summer and then it started going backward. It was as though some kind of hardened fungus attached itself to the roots and the county extension person was on vacation. My knowledgeable gardening friends did not know what it was. Where can I buy some starts of this?

Gerry Hicks said...

We received a few of these a few years a go. A neighbor women had them. I've been trying to identify
them. Thanks for the information. They are fun to watch open and very unique.

Anonymous said...

I just recently transplanted mine to a new garden. they look to be dying. any chance they might recover and live?

Red said...

I inadvertently killed my mothers beautiful moon flower. I am DESPERATELY searching for seeds or plants. If you can, PLEASE help me.

Beth Karhan said...

I grow these. Where are you located?

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