Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lamp and Table come home...

Yesterday I stripped and refinished this table I bought from a neighbor the day before. It had been stored in the loft of her barn for some time. It was all dried out and dusty and the finish had alligatored. Today that neighbor who is a granddaughter of the lady who lived here in our house before we bought it came by and gave me this Victorian lamp free. She said it always was on the this table in her grandma's house! It had been electrified but it took nothing to switch it back. Usually the tanks are ruined in converting them but not this one. Jim polished the brass parts and fixed the wick riser and she was ready to be lighted again. Sadly the shade has a big area that was broken and repaired but its gives me goose bumps that the lamp and table are back in the house where they were 100 years ago! -Thanks Sue R. for the Gift!

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