Thursday, February 28, 2008

Burning Beech!

It's down to 7F now and feeling pretty nippy here tonight. Thank goodness there is no wind. The wood stove is keeping the house a very comfortable 65-68F. We have some local beech for firewood this year. It's been very good. We have had zero problems with creosote build up in the chimney flue. I have never had a wood pile made up of only one kind of tree before this year. It's interesting because you come to know the qualities of a species inside and out this way. This comes from a wood lot on the Stedman-Sherman Rd. The sheep seem to be taking this late season cold snap in stride. We had a little new snow last night but not allot. The longer the ewes hold off before lambing the better. I have to check in the night and be very careful when its cold or I could loose a lamb.

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