Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Lee Rigg by Robert Fergusson

Will ye gang o'er the lee-rigg,
My ain kind deary O!
And cuddle there sae kindly
Wi' me, my kind deary O?

At thornie-dike and birken-tree,
We'll daff, and ne'er be weary O,
They'll scug ill een frae you and me,
Mine ain kind deary O.

Nae herds wi' kent or colly there,
Shall ever come to fear ye O;
But lav'rocks, whistling in the air,
Shall woo, like me, their deary O!

While others herd their lambs and ewes,
And toil for warld's gear, my jo,
Upon the lee my pleasure grows,
Wi' you, my kind dearie O!

Robert Fergusson (1750-1774)

Glossary of Scots words that may be unfamiliar:

A grassy ridge
(Probably) a thorn-fenced dike along the stream below the ridge
Make merry.
scug ill een
"Screen unfriendly eyes".
kent, colly
Two breeds of sheep dog.
Wealth, goods.

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