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The Gospel in Scots

1. And sae it cam to pass, that whan Jesus had made an end o' thae sayins, he said till his disciples
2. "Ye ken that twa days mair, and the Pasche comes ; and the Son o' Man is deliver't up to be crucify't."
3. Than forgather't the Heid-priests and the Elders o' the nation intil the palace o' the Heigh-priest - the ane ca'd Caiaphas.
4. And coonsell't thegither that they micht tak Jesus hidlins, and slay him.
5. "But," quo' they, "no at the Feast-time ; or thar wad be a stramash amang the people."
6. Noo, whan Jesus was in Bethanie, i' the hoose o' Simon the leper,
7. Thar cam till him a wummam wi' an alabaster box o' unco precious perfume ; and she teemed it on his heid as he was at meat.
8. And the disciples, seein it, war put aboot, and quo' they "For what is siccan a wastrie ?
9. "For this micht hae been sell't for muckle, and gien to the puir."
10. But Jesus takin tent, says to them, "Why fash ye the wumman? For a wark that is bonnie has she wrocht on me.
11. "For ye aye hae the puir w'ye ; but ye hae-na me aye !
12. "For she, strinklin this perfume on my heid, did it for my burial.
13. "Truely say I t'ye, Whaursoe'er thir Gude-tidins sal be made kent i' the hail warld, this too o' what she has dune sal be tell't for a memorial o' her.
Matthew Chaiptir Twintie-Sax, verses 1 - 13 frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith
1, And at the hinner-end o' the Sabbath, as it begude to break to the first day o' the week, cam Mary the Magdalene, and the ither Mary, to see the tomb.
2. And see ! a great yirdin ! for an Angel o' the Lord cam doon frae Heeven and cam and row't awa the stane, and sat on't.
3. To look at him he was like the fire-flaught, and his cleedin was white as the snaw ;
4. And, cuisten doon afore him, the gaird did trimmle, and war as deid men.
5. But the angel, speaking to the weemen said, " Be-na ye fley't ! For I ken ye are seekin Jesus, the crucify't.
6. " He isna here ! for he is risen, e'en as he said ! Come, see the bit whaur the Lord was lyin.
7. " And gae quickly, and say ye till his disciples, " He is risen frae the deid ! And mark ! he gangs afore ye intil Galilee. Thar sal ye see him. See ! I hae tell't ye ! "
8. And quickly lea'in the tomb, in muckle fear and muckle joy, they ran to tak word to the disciples.
9. And look ! Jesus met them, and says, " All hail ! " And they cam forrit, and grippit him by the feet, and worshipp't him.
10. Than says Jesus to them, " Fear-na ! But gae tell my brethern, sae as they may gang intil Galilee ; thar sal they see me.
11. Noo, e'en while they war gaun, some o' the gaird cam intil the citie, and tell't to the Heid-priests a' that had been dune.
12. And whan they had foregather't wi' the Elders, and coonsell't thegither, they gied a rowth o' siller to the sodgers ;
13. And quo' they, " Say ye, ' His disciples cam in the nicht, and slippit awa wi' him whan we war sleepin. '
14. " And aiblins gin this come afore the Governor, we wull cajole him, and mak it siccar for ye ! "
15. Sae they liftit the siller, and did as they war tell't ; and this tale was spread abreid amang the Jews - ay, e'en to this day.
16. And the eleeven disciples gaed awa intil Galilee, to a mountain whaur Jesus had trystit them.
17. And, seein him, they adored him ; hoobeit, some swither't.
18. And Jesus, drawin nar, spak to them, sayin, " Thar has been gien to me a' pooer in Heeven, and on yirth !
19. " Gang ye tharfor, and mak ye disciples o' a' the nations, bapteezin them intil the name o' the Faither, and o' the Son, and o' the Holie Spirit ;
20. " Schawin them hoo till observe a' things, e'en as mony as I hae commandit ye. And tent ye ! I am wi' ye a' the days; e'en till a' time ! "
Matthew Chaiptir Twintie- Aucht frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

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