Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Shepherd o' Kiltyrie by C M H Gemmell

Robert Watson

O the Shepherd o' Kiltyrie
He's the shyest o' the men,
But the Shepherd o' Kiltyrie
Is the hero of the glen;
He's come hame frae a' the fechtin'
Wi' a Military Cross,
An' there's nae a lad sae modest
In the bonnie shire o' Ross.
He's been offered grand positions
That wud gar yer hert tae leap;
But he winna leave the Hie'lands
And his flocks o' canny sheep;
For among the misty mountains
He forgets the roar o' guns,
And the hours o' deadly combat
Wi' the Japs and 'gin the huns.
Aye, he dwells in yonder sheiling,
On the Braes o' Ben-y-More,
He can see the salmon leapin'
Frae the dyke ayont his door;
Tho' he's nae got muckle siller,
He's the richest chiel o' a',
For the hale o' Scotland's treasure
Lies out-by, within his ca'.

C M H Gemmell

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