Friday, March 14, 2008

My reponce to Air America's Mr. Greg Palast

Reporting for Air America Radio’s Clout, Palast wrote on March 14th, The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked

I say, yes Mr. Plast only what the Governor did was worse for America than the bail-out.

It's sort of silly to compare anything to Eliot's fall from grace. You really can't compare it to any other situation because Spitzer was (very loudly) claiming to be cleaning up corruption and had the trust of underdogs everywhere. I can remember nothing in my lifetime as stunning and bizarre as this fall from Grace. I am so glad this was found out before any more time had passed with him in Albany. I'm a life long Democrat and New Yorker but refuse to put this in any context other than the one it really belongs in. This is a case of a government official who was an enormous fraud. No one becomes like this over night. He just got arrogant enough to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Bush and his creeps have done all these things you mentioned, Mr. Greg Palast, and many more. Destroying all the safety checks for the environment comes to mind immediately and yes these things are pure evil. Eliot Spitzer's betrayal of public trust, however stands to be worse than any I have known because he claimed to cleaning up the corruption and we are all are feeling hopeless under the Bush cloud. This fall by Spitzer is almost Biblical in proportions and to all of us who still believe in the system it is a blow that can't be matched. It's the hypocrisy and betrayal of trust not the fact he broke some laws that makes this so devastating. The saddest part of all for those of us living in western NY which is so deeply hurting, is many here had pinned their hopes to his administration because he promised money to us out here for the failed economy.

Buffalo is reeling since the news broke and that city is in its death throws quite frankly. Spitzer always made me uneasy and it seems my intuition was right on the mark. Your piece rings hollow for me, Mr.Palast.

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