Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shepherds Arise!

1. Shepherds, arise, be not afraid
With hasty steps repair
To Bethlehem city see the maid,
With her blest Infant there.

2. Laid in a manger view the Child,
Humility divine:
Sweet innocence (how meek! how mild!),
Grace in His features shine!

3. For us the Saviour came on earth,
For us His life He gave,
To save us from eternal death
And raise us from the grave.

4. To Jesus Christ, our glorious King,
Be endless praises given!
Let all the earth His mercies sing,
Who made our peace with Heaven.

The Richard Huish Folk Quire/Choir performing Shepherds Arise (Sing Sing) at the Christmas Carol Service, St Magdalene Church, Taunton.

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