Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Rapidly Changing Political Landscape or David Slays Goliath, Act 1.

Kirsten Gillibrand and her new son.

Gov.David slayed Goliath Kennedy with this move appointing Gillibrand not Kennedy. Thanks wee shepherd lad. We do not need more figure heads we need hard working public servants with guts and vision. That is what David gave us with one blow.

I have to say Kennedy looks more odd to me all the time. I am thinking the tragedy in her life has really damaged her ability to deal with public life. How can it not when you think about it? I am concerned about her children quite frankly. It has been widely reported she has had a rocky relationship with her husband for a long time and has been "linked" to New York Times' publisher Arthur Sulzberger. She has made a mess of this senate thing. Whether she is having an affair with "Pinch" or not she is on bad footing. She is so fragile and totally not suited to politics. It is still a huge relief to New York State she did not take this seat. Her kids are far from on their own and she has made a real mess of things for her family with her unsteadiness and sudden withdrawal. She appeared so weak when interviewed it is really quite shocking. Her lack of understanding of how politics really work on the grass roots level shows she has no place in the US senate or in national politics. The more I read the more I think she is completely wrong for any position in government. I just read a piece in New York Mag. that tries to explain the whole crazy thing with Paterson and Kennedy.

There is so much spin in this piece although it is artfully written it does not even confront the other realities that made this a bad idea to have Kennedy fill this seat. The power base is shifting and Sen. Chuck Schumer knows it and those outside the New York City cloister know it too. When the dusts settles the map will be very different. By the time Hillary Clinton's seat is opened to an election in two years it will be as though Mount Saint Helens reshaped the landscape. Those in the know are making ready. Gov. David Paterson is being painted by many as inept and egocentric and I think he is being the opposite. He is acting like the seasoned savvy politician he is. His pick was brilliant.

It's interesting I read at Huffington Post every day and usually post some. Many of the people posting just really still do not understand what is going on and how the whole political landscape and power base in this country is shifting. The big players like NYC Mayor Bloomberg will not be the ones calling the shots much longer. I predict Bloomberg will not get his third term because of the fallout from the financial collapse and because of his self serving flip flop on term limits. Even the New York Times is insolvent. New York City is on the decline as a world business center and may be weakening as the center of NY's Democratic Party. The biggest factor I see in the change in politics however is in the power of the Internet. Instead of the year 2000 being the big defining year of the century as so widely hyped at the turn of the 21st Century, I predict that 2010 will be the watershed year that changes everything. You can feel it coming now in 2009 can't you? I certainly feel it.

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