Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Nightmare is Over!

The Nightmare of the Bush years is over at last! It's been so long and hard to take this. I am very happy about Obama but as happy that this is the end of the reign of Mad King George! This man stole the presidency with the help of his brother Jeb and others. Glory be to God the electorate has awakened and there was a honest change in leadership this time! I may not be Black but I feel like I have reached freedom at last!

American Banner

by C.K. Roshong

Wave on high grand old flag
For the sake of all who care;
You're the symbol of our freedom,
The answer to our prayer.

You give us strength to hold our ground
Against the brazen few
Who would test our mettle,
Our fortitude, dedicated to you.

Your colors stand for more
Than what we learned in school;
They blend together,
Form a wrapper, for the golden rule.

You guide the way we carry on
When faced with a mighty test;
Each minute and hour of every day
We resolve to do our best

To stand as one before the terror
That violates natures laws,
To protect the rights of all
Who pledge allegiance to your cause.

Wave on high, grand old flag,
It's you we loudly cheer;
You radiate a wondrous spirit,
That helps us conquer fear.

When hope, care and promise
Are the world's greatest need,
You shine bright from way on high --
A banner to take the lead.

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