Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for this day. It is hard to express the joy and hope that have rekindled in my heart. Barak Obama has changed everything. I never thought this possible. This is real leadership something that has been lacking in this country for over 20 years! WOW! I mean Wow! This is a day I will never forget. What is wonderful is he is all of us. He is Black and he is White. He is native and he is immigrant. He is old stock and he is new stock. He is heartland and he is Islander. He was raised by his mother and grandmother and like so many in America today he seldom saw his father as he grew up. He is a man that is both educated and folksy at the same time. He is privileged in education and yet has been discriminated against for his dark skin. His education makes him part of the highest station but his humble birth keeps him mindful of all who still struggle. I am so grateful we have Obama, he can make old things fresh and new with his unique prospective and he can help us all find new ways to make America better. America has been given a gift.

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