Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little Dirt Never Hurt

I was just talking with my daughter and we were buzzing about this weird thing people today have about keeping their kids clean at all times and their houses. She pointed out a really good article in the New York Times (see link below). I may take dirt just a little too far and am very messy but I do think this over clean thing is so wrong. Not only is it not really good for you or for kids, but the time wasted is enormous. The fear people feel about bacteria is so counterproductive too. I have a theory that bacteria has taken the place of evil spirits in the modern mind. These days people are always fearing these unseen viruses and bacteria that they are sure are waiting to strike them down when in fact our immune systems have us pretty well covered. Somethings are still very important and always will be like being careful how you handle raw chicken and also washing after using the bathroom but so much of all this is a huge waste of time and resources. If you clean up using normal methods and products there is little danger. This peanut butter thing that has been in the news for three weeks shows you how good most peoples immune systems are. Most of the people who have died are old or very young. Those are the people who do not have strong immune systems. Obviously the plant that processed the peanuts was very lax and not clean. I am not saying that it is acceptable to be causal about food preparation, I am just pointing out how important it is we all let kids play in the dirt and build a good immune system.

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