Friday, July 31, 2009

Bithers are such idiots!

A birther is a person who believes that Barack Obama has controversy and/or fraud surrounding his birth, though all theories have been either rejected or proved false.

Dr. Rodney T. West delivered Barack Obama in 1961. The baby was born in HONOLULU and his birth was announced in both major newspapers there at the time. This is just getting so stupid I am really sick of this being in the news.

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Anonymous said...

My, my. someone has not looked up the meaning or intention of the "Natural Born Citizenship" requirement for presidency.

The issue is not about where Obama was born but rather if he is a "natural born citizen". Because Obama's father held a British passport at he time of O's birth and his mother had not lived on US soil for a sufficient number of years after her 15th birthday (she was 18 when she gave birth to Obama) she could not pass the "natural born citizenship" status to Barry.

Look it up.

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