Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On this Michael Jackson Spectacle

Why couldn't all this love now being displayed stop MJ from spiraling down? Where were all his friends when he was slowly dying? I find this creepy. Why so much emotion for someone whose music was not particularly spiritual or loving? I am confused by all this. To me Michael Jackson's life is the sad story of celebrity worship and excess in America. It's a perfect story of how wealth and fame does not bring happiness. I listened to a little of this on NPR but couldn't stand it. Why so much adulation for someone who was so incredibly mixed up and unhappy? Everything about the real person behind the music makes me so very, very sad. He started out so handsome and vibrant and died a disfigured wreck. Come on the nation sadly watched MJ on trial for being a pedophile. I was thinking this morning in bed, what if one of these kids who was sleeping in MJ's bed now comes forward and says you know MJ really molested me after all and my family took the money to keep quiet. How is this going to reflect on our society? We threw this giant party for a pedophile. Are we excusing him because he was so wealthy and famous? Michael Jackson has been unable to produce a good video or song for over a decade. I am not moved by what he did artistically anyway. When he grabbed his crotch and smashed cars on that one video I completely lost interest in his work. I do not celebrate the lives of people who take young boys into their bed. Even if he never touched the boys its very, very strange and troubling. You would think with all this fanfare we were mourning the death of FDR or something! Trotting out these kids to be on stage today reminds me of when Jackson dangled his son over the balcony or when Palin used her retarded son Trig as a prop at the GOP convention. It's just so horrible how we do not protect children anymore in our society.

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