Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cold Night in January

It's bitter cold here tonight. It's dipping close to 10F already. The poor animals outside are really having to work to conserve heat. I feed out allot of whole corn to the sheep when its this bitter. The chickens and horse too get allot of extra feed and whole corn.


Persuaded said...

Heya Beth! You'll never guess who this is....

Well, like I said, you'll never guess, so I'll tell ya. It's Diane Avery (well, not Avery anymore, but that is how you knew me a'waay back in the day☺)

I found you through Anita's facebook page and I just had to stop in and say hello. You look fine, fit and lovely, my dear. Feel free to stop by my blog anytime and say hello!

May your house be blessed♥

Gimmer said...

This is so spooky I was just thinking about you not then minuts ago. I was thinking how you and Anita were the girls I liked so much and was crushed when you graduated because I really missed you. Wow this is really wild to have you pop in! Many Blessings to you! I will find your blog! Thanks!

Persuaded said...

Thanks for coming to visit me, Beth☺ and I'm kinda thrilled to reconnect with you as well.

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