Thursday, January 21, 2010

There is no conflict betwen science and faith

Science will never be able to answer the one big question, why? Why did the whole Universe start and why are there living things in it? There is no conflict between Science and Faith. Faith is why allot of people want to know about our world and how it was made. My Father was a man of deep faith and a man of science. The great mysteries of the Universe are inspiring. Science always changes as more things are discovered and so does Faith. Religion evolves and always has. You can see the changes say in a country like India over many centuries. It is most fascinating. If you cling to old ideas and do not live in a fluid way religion can be a shackle but its liberating when the mind remains open to the possibilities of the Universe and the the Creator! Both science and religion are about wonder and awe! My Father was religious and taught Sunday school on Sundays and chemistry and physics during the week. There is no conflict. My Father was a free thinking Christian as am I. We are Presbyterians with social activist roots going back several generations. Only fundamentalists have problems reconciling faith with science.

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