Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Wolf Moon

The 2010 Wolf Moon appeared big and very bright on the 29th. Last night also was amazing. The first full moon of the year is also known as the wolf moon. The moon appears wider and fuller than any other moon of the year. The name wolf moon came from the hungry wolf packs that howled at the moon near Native American villages hundreds of years ago. Wolf Moon is also referred to as the old moon and moon after Yule. This full moon appeared 14% wider and 30% brighter than a typical full moon, according to


Persuaded said...

Wow, this is cool-ness itself! My son Noah noticed last night how big and bright the moon was. He said, (and I quote,) "The moon is huge! It's bigger and brighter and makes me feel cold and warm at the same time."

Quite nifty to come here and find out all the why's and wherefore's;)

Gimmer said...

What a wonderful thing your son said. That about sums up how it made me feel.

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