Friday, September 7, 2012

Wise words from Germany

This is what my Dentist friend in Germany wrote to me today:

Dear Beth, I follow here from far away the campaignes for the next coming president. Looks that a big lot of dirty laundry is washed there. And too much money burnt for nonsens.
For me it is hard to understand the deep hate in the republicans against Obama. If I don't like a politician I don't vote him anymore but I wouldn't spill such a shit over his head. This is discrimination pure.
I myself don't trust any politician and I do not believe anymore the politicians but I have the choice to vote the smaller or more sympathetic evil. That's what I do. But I do not run berserk against the "bigger evil" and don't throw dirt.

Obama is put in the corner of socialism and communism. I think such people do not know what socialism or communism is. Let them go for one year to Kuba or better to North Korea and they would LOVE to live under Obama in USA.

The American vote-shows are too much just shows. Very little substance, few arguments only and just persons.
Do you trust a person going into politic who refuses to make open his personal/ financial pocket? 

In my opinion it was a GREAT PLUS for the voters to see his candidate like glass - transparent and open.
It is a pity that here in Germany this is not the case. Here this is called privacy and so I do not know, who the guys I vote really serve. The people or the banks !!!

Okay, thats it. Just some hot air and a sign of life.
Hope you are doing well. Take care!

Warm regards, 

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