Friday, June 17, 2011

Farming Days

when gypsies trod upon the downs

when heather sweet was scattered round

when vardos were true caravans

when kyers rode pon these lands

Where rabbits ran the meadows sweet

where fox gave chase and lords did meet

where grouse and pheasants were dismissed

amongst the hills where Gypsy's kissed

Where forests walks and grassy mounds

hid all the wealth of gentry found

where springs did burst throughout the land

where Gypsy songs were loud and grand

Where zunners ran most every day

amongst the gorse they hid and played

where bees did buzz and warblers song

caressed the mornings and days so long

Where bare knacked fights were all in rage

upon the booth where folks did stage

where youth and charms were on display

where farmers worked amongst the hay

Where church bells chimed

where wheels did roll

upon the tracks where folks did go

where factory hand and market stalls

were rich in life for one and all.

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