Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Culture in Decline

Sadly think our culture has evolved as to discourage proper family building and the putting down of roots and "nest building". We have lost our social conscience and the will to teach morality and simple kindness in our culture. Our failure to demand people be held accountable for their actions and our failure to nurture women and children has created a culture of coldness and reckless, selfish behavior such as Rep.Anthony Weiner has exhibited. While there has always been a element in all cultures of lust and depravity it has become celebrated in our society. We reward selfishness and depravity in our media and culture.

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Lorraine H said...

I agree with your thoughtful post. I also am disturbed by the lack of tolerance in our society for opposing points of view coupled with the utter disregard for civility in social discourse. I find your blog to be refreshing in the midst of social chaos......

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