Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I love Christmas

Scholars tell us that Christmas as we know it today is a Victorian invention of the 1860s. It is probably the most celebrated holiday in the world, our modern Christmas is a product of hundreds of years of both secular and religious traditions from around the globe. Christmas has something for everyone and it does not need a name change! Christmas is so wonderful it has all these traditions woven together and always its about Joy and a celebration of life and love. Fighting about Christmas makes me very, very sad. Those who make war in the media about it are a disgrace. In Scandinavia it has always remained Yule or jul which goes back to the ancient celebration of the the winter solstice. No one has the right to mess with Christmas and try to rebrand it! It belongs to the world. In a world that is so full of discord Christmas and its message of peace and joy is a splendid thing indeed. For me the holiday centers on the birth of Jesus my light and guide. I do however take joy in the secular traditions and its earthy pagan roots as well. The cycles of the earth and the winter solstice are an important part of the tradition of Christmas. Let us all keep Christmas in our own way and remember the light and the message of peace on earth?


Sandrajay said...

Amen....May your home be filled with light and joy this Christmas!

Gimmer said...

Thank you Sandra, and yours!

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