Friday, December 30, 2011

This is a Plume and Atwood Royal lamp

One of the Kerosene Lamps I gave Jim this Christmas

Victorian "white light" lamps are a wonder to behold when lighted. They produce a beautiful white reading light while consuming little fuel. This is a Plume & Atwood Royal lamp. It is called a center draft lamp. The lamps put out a great deal more light than a flat wick kerosene lamp. Plume & Atwood produced a full line of lamps and lamp accessories. Their lamp lines included Royal, Plumbwood and Naugatuck in table, bracket and hanging versions. Plume & Atwood made gas burners, shade rings of all descriptions, filler caps, and just about any brass lamp part you could mention. Their burners included Banner, a high quality Duplex, the Moehring and Harvard burners often associated with finer student lamps, the Hornet, Nutmeg and Acorn burners often found on night lamps, and scores more. Plume and Atwood (P&A) Royal oil lamps were produced by P&A starting around 1890 and for many years thereafter. They were very popular and were sold in at least 3 sizes (junior, No. 1, and No. 2.) , and were often nickel plated to reduce maintenance of the brass finish. P&A also made parts for many other major lamp manufacturing companies (including the Aladdin burner), and they also sold lamps to department stores that re-branded them with their various store names (especially with names on the flame spreader). P&A had it's main factory in Waterbury CN, but also had big warehouses in Boston, New York, and Chicago. The Royal line evolved into other models in the early 20th century. One was the Naugatuck, which was actually made up to the 1950's, P&A also made very popular brass oil pots/fonts for use with vase lamps, and these were branded as Royal, but often P&A made these pots for Fostoria (WV) lamps. The P&A plant was eventually destroyed by a flood in 1955, along with the lamp-making equipment.

Special thanks to Mr. Mike Moore of Maryland who restored and sold me this lovely lamp and also gave me some information to share with you on Plume and Atwood.

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