Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some thoughts on Snow in Western, NY

Today I read some complaints and rather grumpy comments on a Buffalo weather blog about snow in Western, NY. I was surprised how many of the posters were whining and crabbing about the climate in winter. This was my reply: I find snow makes me slow down and reflect and it makes me feel peaceful. It can cause me stress when taking care of my livestock and be difficult to deal with but so does extreme heat in summer cause me to become stressed. Snow is cleaning and restorative. Snow covers the mud and the depressing greys of a leafless world and gives it sparkle. Snow adds excitement and adventure and keeps us on our toes. Those who curse snow and fight with it perhaps should move someone else further south because raging against the climate is futile and bordering on the ridiculous. Snow and winter are as natural to this place as sunshine and open water in summer.

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