Monday, September 14, 2009

Dougie Is so Awesome

Dougie MacLean is one of Scotland's most successful, respected and popular musicians.
Singer-Songwriter, Composer and 'magical' Performer, he is also a fine guitarist and fiddle player.
From his home base in Butterstone near Dunkeld in the beautiful Tay Valley in Perthshire Scotland, MacLean tours the world with his unique blend of lyrical, 'roots based' songwriting and instrumental composition. His moving song Caledonia and melody The Gael (used in The Last of the Mohicans) have been recorded by hundreds of artists and enjoyed by millions worldwide.
Buy CDs, DVDs, songbooks etc as well as Mp3 downloads direct from the artist's own site!

"...a Scottish phenomenon...with his exquisite guitar style, expressive voice and honest performance, his songs conjure up remarkably vivid imagery of our world"
(The Performing Songwriter, USA)

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