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The PNAC is back - same old liars with a brand new name

The PNAC is back - same old liars with a brand new name
by CA Libertarian

Tue Feb 26, 2008 at 04:22:36 PM PDT

There's a new think tank on the loose, guys, and it's called the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. They're on a veritable rampage, penning articles and missives to the editor on a set of issues we are all too familiar with.

It doesn't take long to see these clowns for what they are, another front for the neoconservative agenda: anti-U.N., pro-Iraq war, shills for Israel via proxy (in this case, Lebanon), and pro-Iran invasion.

But let's take a closer look at who is behind this.
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Here is the roster.

Board of Directors
Steve Forbes - original signatory, PNAC
Jeanne Kirkpatrick, signatory, PNAC letter to Bush
Jack Kemp, Mr. supply-side economics himself, linked to Kirkpatrick and William Bennett (another PNAC signatory) via Empower America, which also happens to have Steve Forbes as a director

Distinguished Advisors
Louis Freeh
Newt Gingrich, the man who did the PNAC's inside dirty work in 1998, leading the charge for Bill Clinton's impeachment in 1998 while simultaneously the Republicans were pushing action against Iraq
Max Kampelman, PNAC signatory on Hong Kong letter
Joe Lieberman, the so-called independent who has supported the neoconservative agenda at every step
James Woolsey, PNAC signatory on Iraq Clinton letter and several others

Board of Advisors
Gary Bauer, PNAC signatory, radical right Christian, and Christian Zionist leader
Eric Cantor, US Rep (R-VA), Israel hawk
Eliot Engel, US Rep (D-NY), one of few non-Southern Iraq war hawks in the Dem Party, Israel hawk
Frank Gaffney, PNAC signatory
Marc Ginsberg, signatory, PNAC letter on Russia
Charles Jacobs, noted anti-Muslim racist
Charles Krauthammer, signatory, PNAC Iraq Clinton letter
Bill Kristol, founder, PNAC
Richard Lamm, former Democratic governor of Colorado, later Reform party candidate for president, noted racist
Jim Marshall, US Rep (D-GA), DINO
Zell Miller, another Democratic traitor who backed W in 2004
Richard Perle, the prince of darkness itself, and of course a PNAC signatory
Steven Pomerantz, former FBI, an intelligence profiteer
Oliver "Buck" Revell, former FBI, another intelligence profiteer

There is also a good profile of FDD on Rightweb.

The formula is the same - neoconservatives, war profiteers, and Israel-firsters banding together to create more war and more terrorism - but this time not in the name of U.S. security but even more cynically in the name of spreading democracy.

We have already seen the results of this policy in Iraq. It is an abysmal failure.


These are the players who made all the mistakes that lead to the Iraq War and the Afghan quagmire. Remember the names they have been pulling the strings for years.


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