Friday, September 4, 2009

Susan Boyle's album tops Amazon bestsellers list... months before release

By Lizzie Smith
Last updated at 11:59 AM on 04th September 2009

Its the most hotly anticipated album release of the year.

And the success of Susan Boyle's first album is now beyond all doubt, after it topped Amazon's bestsellers list - nearly three months before release.

I Dreamed A dream does not even go on sale until November 23, but tens of thousands of copies have been sold to fans pre-ordering on the U.S. edition of Amazon.

Top of the charts: Susan Boyle has topped Amazon's bestseller list, three months before the release of her debut album

Hairy Angel: Susan's dowdy looks helped make her a star when she auditioned on Britain's Got Talent

The album is outselling Whitney Houston's comeback album, and a host of pre-release titles, including the Beatles remastered and the Twilight soundtrack.

A photoshoot for the cover of the album shows the Britain's Got Talent star looking happy and healthy.

Glowing Susan, whose unkempt appearance led to her being cruelly dubbed The Hairy Angel, sits in a scenic Scottish field, wearing a flattering purple dress.

She is pictured in the mountains of the Ardkinglas Estate in Cairndow, Argyll.

A photo from the shoot will be used on the album's cover.

Susan covers Madonna's 1995 hit You'll See on the album.

A source told The Sun: 'Susan chose it herself - it's a song she has loved for years.

'She sang it at auditions for TV shows and music contests when she used to be cruelly turned away by people.

'At the end, when she was sometimes reduced to tears, she used to say "You'll see".

'And she's proof she can do it now as one of the most famous women in the world.'

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