Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Haters of Liberty

The shooting of Dr. Tiller and now this shooting in the Holocaust Museum in D.C. demonstrate how the far right has become a bigger threat than the terrorists from over seas they keep warning us are an eminent danger to US citizens. The Republican party and its marriage to right-wing, pseudo-christian loons is the biggest danger to the constitution and our republic that has ever been. These people call themselves patriots but they embrace demagoguery and fascism. They are war mongers and haters of liberty. They say they believe in freedom of speech but that is only for their own. For anyone else they try to shout them down or muzzle them in the press and in government. If you love this country and you are a patriot how can you kill? How can you belong to a group that calls themselves "right to life" but advocates the death penalty and the shooting of people that disagree with you. If you believe in the law how can you become outlaws and shed blood? Sometimes I really fear for President Obama's safety in these troubled times. Our Lord Jesus tells us to love one another. Lets stop this madness? Let us Pray?

The Rams Horn

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