Friday, June 26, 2009

the rose amang the thorn

by Roy Gullane

Bonnie lass sae dear tae me
Ower the hills ayont the water
Nane sae blin' that cannae see
She is my ain, my dearie O

Oh the rose amang the thorn
She's ta'en a heart that widnae flee
And steired it oot amang the staurn
The bonnie lassie lo'es me

Gin I had but one last day
In her airms I'd rowe sae rarely
By her side fain wid I lay
'Til a' life's cares gaed easy O

(Chorus 2x)

Nae sea sae braid, nae bunemaist ben
Nor ilka thraw that pairts us sairly
Nae nicht sae lang could e'er forfen'
I lie my lane, my dearie O


Here's tae the lass sae braw, sae trig
Here's tae the kindness gied sae gladly
She wha kissed me 'neath the brig
She is my ane, my dearie O

(Chorus 2x)

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